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"Kaitou Saint Tail"

The Kaitou Saint Tail Page

pics, info, music, and manga translations!

maybe . tomorrow

more manga translations, as well as other shoujo manga!

Sweet Tales of Saint Tail Ring

St tail HomePage (Japanese)

Japanese page with links to tons of KST sites!

Kaitou Saint Tail Links

Kuranarakitemiro~! Asuka Jr. Homepage (Japanese)

multimedia, CG fanart, stories, "Sentel Inside" downloads, extremely cute animated .gifs, a nice links list, and more!

JYU!!'s Homepage ShiningHell

beautiful St. Tail, Dream Saga, & other series fanart

"Cyber Idol Mink"

Cyber Idol Mink: The Unofficial Website

info, pics, creator interview, and more!

** Kimmiez' Cyber Idol Mink **

info, pics, computer desktop wallpapers, and more!

Cyber Idol Mink

a section of the Nakayoshi's Homepage website

"Dream Saga Takamagahara"

Dream Saga

The World of Takamagahara

Xtreme Dream

Dream Saga Horizon (Japanese)

CG fanart, icons, & more


Nakayosi Anime and Manga Ring

Appleby-chan's Nakayoshi Page!


Nakayoshi's Homepage

Nakayosi Ribon Ciao (Japanese)

Mint na Bokura Forever Club

a club for everyone who loves Nakayosi and Ribon!

The Happy Rabbit Trading Center

Mahou Shoujo

Tachikawa Megumi's Manga (Japanese)

info and scans of all of the manga covers of her work



Magical Girls Anime Ring

Mahou Shoujo & Other Shoujo Links (Japanese)

The Shoujo Manga Home Page--Japanese Girls' & Women's Comics

Shoujo Manga Link Collection (Japanese)

The Shoujo Manga Home Page

MangaArt Archive - Shoujo Manga

Anime & Manga 4 Sailor Moon Fans

buy anime and manga here!

JediJ's Current eBay Anime & Manga Auctions

buy anime and manga merchandise here!

Mailing Lists

saint tail

The Kaitou Saint Tail Mailing List

nakayoshi-comics ML

discussion list for Nakayosi fans

Ribon ML

discussion list for Ribon and Nakayosi fans


shoujo manga and anime fan fiction / fanart posting & discussion list

The Mahou Shoujo Mailing List

discussion list for mahou shoujo anime & manga; put "subscribe mahou-shoujo" in the subject line and body of the e-mail

Shoujo Manga List

discussion list for shoujo manga fans

Hitoshi Doi's Shoujo ML

discussion list for shoujo anime and manga fans

rec.arts.anime: Shoujo

discussion list for shoujo anime and manga fans


discussion list for shoujo anime and manga fans


discussion list for shoujo anime and manga fans

 Tenshitachi ("Angels") Home Page

discussion list for people who appreciate the magic of young girls; all related topics welcome including young shoujo & bishoujo 

My Other Favorite Links

Family Ties Home Page

Gamma Level

Nancy McKeon Fans

NOREO's Ocean Girl Page

Road to Avonlea


Star Wars Official Website

Student.Net TV Search & Remind

The Avonlea Webring

The Facts of Life Web Site

The Official Jedi Bentu Script Site

The Star Wars Multimedia Headquarters

The Ultimate Spellbinder Site

Welcome To The Original Unofficial 7th Heaven Homepage

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